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Non-Academic Skills to Practice During the Covid-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a lot of parents worried about the things their children will miss during this period of suddenly homeschooling. I invite you to try a more positive mindset and consider what they don’t learn at school. These 10 options make a great jumping board on what your kids, and maybe you, could learn thisContinue reading “Non-Academic Skills to Practice During the Covid-19 Quarantine”

Quarantine Home-Schooling For Toddlers:

Activities to try with items you already own and adore. A lot of us aren’t used to entertaining our kids all day every day. They go to daycare, or spend sections of time with relatives, babysitters, music teachers, etc. Travel-bans and shelter-in-place orders are making it so that we can’t take our children out ofContinue reading “Quarantine Home-Schooling For Toddlers:”