Non-Academic Skills to Practice During the Covid-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a lot of parents worried about the things their children will miss during this period of suddenly homeschooling. I invite you to try a more positive mindset and consider what they don’t learn at school. These 10 options make a great jumping board on what your kids, and maybe you, could learn thisContinue reading “Non-Academic Skills to Practice During the Covid-19 Quarantine”

Quarantine Activities for Babies.

It feels like weeks have been packed into the past couple of days here at my house. As out baby girl (2 years old) doesn’t go to school yet, she hasn’t really noticed that much different is going on, but I’m already starting to feel restricted. I spend all day every day working with kidsContinue reading “Quarantine Activities for Babies.”

My D.I.Y. (Dollar Store!) Sensory Boxes

We LOVE our sensory boxes. We even posted in early Instagram history that the boxes sometimes even enticed dads, older siblings, and other people who wouldn’t normally be involved in my play time with the “littles.” When I started traveling with sensory boxes, I only planned time to use them with my kids 4 orContinue reading “My D.I.Y. (Dollar Store!) Sensory Boxes”