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My D.I.Y. (Dollar Store!) Sensory Boxes

We LOVE our sensory boxes. We even posted in early Instagram history that the boxes sometimes even enticed dads, older siblings, and other people who wouldn’t normally be involved in my play time with the “littles.” When I started traveling with sensory boxes, I only planned time to use them with my kids 4 orContinue reading “My D.I.Y. (Dollar Store!) Sensory Boxes”

Winter Felt Play

Felt Play is great, because it is both textural and versatile. There are so many colors to choose from, and the limits to what you can create lie in your own creativity. This winter we’ve been rotating through Snowmen and Christmas Trees. The snowmen are fun, especially when paired with your own Version of Frozen’sContinue reading “Winter Felt Play”

My Dream is Making Theirs Come True

HOW DID I GET HERE? Even 8+ years into my babysitting career, it had never been my full-time thing. It was something that I did on the side, because I made extra money. After about 8 months of a desk job I could never seem to invest myself in the way that I did withContinue reading “My Dream is Making Theirs Come True”