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Winter Felt Play

Young girls decorating a Felt Christmas tree

Felt Play is great, because it is both textural and versatile. There are so many colors to choose from, and the limits to what you can create lie in your own creativity. This winter we’ve been rotating through Snowmen and Christmas Trees.

The snowmen are fun, especially when paired with your own Version of Frozen’s “Do you want to build a snowman?” to begin the activity. (In the summer we may try “I’ll be doing whatever snowmen do in summer” with these same snowmen, just for a change of pace! We loved this song during the first snowstorm…)

For the snowmen we made one piece bodies, although three pieces would have been just as much fun! We chose the one piece bodies because we had designed the activity for slightly younger kids, and thought it may be easier for them to visualize where they eyes, nose, buttons, hat, and scarf would go if they already had the base pre-assembled.

Felt snowman set (available on our Etsy store)

We also have been decorating our Christmas trees over and over… This can be done in conjunction with many books or as a cozy activity near the real tree. This is a great activity because it opens easily to discussion of colors, shapes and patterns.

Our trees were designed to fit onto our smaller felt boards, and we chose to use only circles, again to keep it simple for our smallest participants. One thing I would like to do differently next year, would be to make the Christmas tee about 3 feet tall rather than 15 inches, and attach to the wall. The ornaments could be more intricate, and presents could be added. This would be fun for all children, and could be especially helpful for children who want to pull the ornaments off the tree: they will have their own tree, with safe ornaments, to decorate and redecorate as often as they wish.

Felt Christmas tree set

In the coming months we look forward to adding more felt board options to our Etsy store and our babysitters kits. Have any idea you would like us to try? LET US KNOW! In the meantime, we are working on designing our patterns for “re-decoratable” gingerbread men, and a shape-matching activity that resembles well frosted sugar cookies.

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