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My Dream is Making Theirs Come True


Even 8+ years into my babysitting career, it had never been my full-time thing. It was something that I did on the side, because I made extra money.

After about 8 months of a desk job I could never seem to invest myself in the way that I did with every single babysitting client, I decided I would look into whether or not I actually could make babysitting my full-time job.

I did the interview process and had several new offers within days, that would cover the same hours as my office job, plus some. I would make more money than my office job, even after factoring in losing out on my benefits and having to pay for them out of pocket.

Having the money and the people figured out, the only thing I had left to worry about was whether or not I would seem like an actual adult if I spent all of my time babysitting. I decided to move forward as a childcare professional, because that title encompassed so many more of my goals.

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I realized that I was happier, more rewarded, and way less stressed out about my job as a babysitter, but I still wanted to feel like it was my full time job. I began this site, along with my etsy shop, in order to help keep the knowledge, ideas, and advice flowing even to the kids that I don’t see. I want other babysitters, parents, aunts, and siblings to be able to utilize these techniques, laugh with these stories, and help grow every child’s dream.

I focus on play based learning, incorporating many Montessori ideals, so that children are gaining knowledge and life skills, even when they don’t know it. A set of colored, wooden blocks, is never simply for stacking. You can discuss colors, and relate those colors to feelings, climates, cultures or holidays. You can count, you can make patterns, you can discuss the fact that the blocks fall down when they aren’t stacked well because of the principals of gravity and architecture.

I will utilize your child’s existing environment, and bring them new learning materials every week, based on a thematic schedule. Your child will be exposed to books, art projects, toys with many uses, and a new voice telling them exactly the same rules as you always do. We can even work with your students teacher or therapist to help incorporate those themes. Want to track your child’s progress? Schedule a meeting session with me so that we can build those goals, the steps along the way, and the best way for us to share information back and forth.

The shortest way to put it is that I want to teach your child everything they need to know, while still letting them think they are having the time of their lives. For more information, send us an email and we’ll answer any and all questions you may have, or schedule a free trial with us via any of our social media links.

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